We are a Global TELERADIOLOGY and IT services company with thrust on Healthcare solutions RAD365 Solutions is a MEDICAL Knowledge Process Outsourcing company. We are 100% HIPPA compliant. The company started its operations 8 years back with the Vision:
  • To offer real-time Tele-Radiology Reading and support services for US/ UK/ Australia/ Middle East.
  • Customized Low Cost Tele-Radiology Solutions for INDIA/ AFRICA.
  • To offer be-spoke software design and development services in other customer centric domains.
  • To offer Revenue Cycle Management Service for US/UK market.
  • To offer customized Software solutions for the HEALTHCARE Industry GLOBALLY.
  • To offer Medical Transcription services in US/ UK/ Australia.


RAD365 is a full-fledged HealthCare Services Company aimed at implementing technology into Healthcare in the optimum way. RAD365 is actively engaged in Teleradiology services, Revenue Cycle Management, Healthcare software development and Medical Transcription services for the past 8 years. Our global clients include hospitals, imaging centers, local radiology groups, outpatient clinics, urgent care centers, private practice physicians and office-based imaging practices. “Technology is transforming healthcare. Technology is making healthcare innovations possible. Great things are happening. Let’s join hands to uplift our patients with telemedicine.” RAD365 stands on its four pillars namely TELERADIOLOGY, RCM, SOFTWARE and MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION. Our ultimate goal is to help healthcare organizations enhance their medical operations. We take pride in the fact that we are entering into an arena of digital healthcare transformation and our services are helping patients get access to timely healthcare services.

Our TELERADIOLOGY services are aimed at providing the best support to the Radiology departments, so that they can deliver quality and timely diagnostic care to patients. We strive to give optimum routine and emergency support every time.

  • 24/7/365 coverage.
  • Emergency Reporting in 15 minutes.
  • Normal Reporting in 2 hours.
  • Real time discussion with Radiologist, whenever required.
  • Reported by MD Radiologists.
  • Subspecialty Coverage.

Radiology Services (Click on services to see details)
Day Time Teleradiology
Our day time radiology reading services are aimed at meeting the demands of hospitals and clinics that are running short of radiologists. Our services cover all modalities including CT, MRI, PET, US, X-Ray and Nuclear Medicine. We provide preliminary and final reports on both emergent and non-emergent cases. For non-emergent cases, you can expect quality reports within 2 hours of receipt. For emergent cases, we can provide quality reports with a 15-20 minutes turnaround time.

The benefits of our day time medical imaging are as follows:
Seamless service to rural centers.
Full support to facilities lacking in equipment or staff.
Quick report delivery to patients.
Case management for overworked facilities.
Nighthawk Teleradiology
RAD365’s nighthawk radiology services are especially aimed at giving full night radiology reading support to the hospitals, clinics and the imaging centers. Healthcare facilities often feel a burden of maintaining an in-house team for night shift reading. In that case, we cater to your night coverage requirements thereby removing your headache. We also plan our service offerings keeping the timezone differences in mind, so as to deliver reports with fast turnaround times.

The benefits of our nighthawk radiology are as follows:
Fast and cost-effective alternative to in-house night team.
Additional coverage during weekends and vacations.
Full support for urgent cases.
Provides the most needed staffing flexibility.
Sub-Specialty Teleradiology
We have experienced Board certified radiologists who are experts in the below radiological specialties and subspecialties:
Body MRI
Breast MRI
Abdominal Imaging
Cross-sectional Imaging
Oncological Imaging
Cardiac Angiography (Cardiac CTA)
Musculoskeletal MRI
Pediatric Radiology & Pediatric Neuroradiology
Cardiovascular Imaging
Gastrointestinal/ Genitourinary
Head and Neck Imaging
Thoracic Imaging
Vascular Imaging
With our automated radiology imaging workflow software, the incoming cases are automatically being assigned to the specialized Board certified radiologist and prompt medical imaging reports are being delivered with fast turnaround times.
Anytime Radiology
Anytime Radiology holds a prime importance in enhancing the quality of the imaging services. Our radiology second opinion service assures the complete patient satisfaction through the accurate second reads by our experienced radiologists. We offer second opinion in the following modalities:
PET scan
We provide the second opinion at competitive price and the interpretations will give you the peace of mind you desire.

Some salient features of our Anytime Radiology services are:
Free registration. Any hospital or patient can opt for a 2nd opinion on any report. Panel of Radiologists to choose from: American Board Certified Subspecialty Radiologists Fellow of the Royal College of Radiology, UK Eminent panel of MD, Radiologists, INDIA Reports are available in 24-48 hours. Upload CD of CT/MRI/XRAY/USG/PET CT through our proprietary software online.
IT Services
The IT team at RAD365 efficiently handles all your queries and optimizes the whole radiology workflow to attain fast turnaround times in report generation and delivery. Our healthcare IT services are user- friendly and our IT experts have wide range of experience in the healthcare domain to guide you in each and every step of the radiology workflow.

Our state of the art healthcare IT systems consist of high end PACS (Picture Archival & Communication System) and data archiving solutions to manage the teleradiology systems. Our IT experts also possess the detailed knowledge of HL7 integration and its implementation in the different healthcare applications. We can assist you in any of your health care technology integration needs; which ultimately results in enhancing efficiency and eliminating redundancies. At RAD365, we have the following healthcare IT solutions for our clients:
HIPAA compliant Teleradiology report distribution platform
Custom healthcare systems integration
DICOM viewer
Teleradiology invoicing software solution
Radiology images distribution solutions
Customized interface development for picture archiving and communication systems
Our PACS infrastructure supports the DICOM standards and manages the efficient distribution of radiological images to the radiologists. Our healthcare IT solutions enable the healthcare entities to make a streamlined approach towards their medical and administrative functions.
Support Services
Outsourcing the radiology reading services is a vital decision, and professional credibility of the outsourcing partner makes the whole workflow successful in a pleasant manner. At RAD365, we teach our support staffs the smart and friendly way to assist you whenever you are in trouble.

We provide you the necessary support channels which you can trust at any point of time. Our support professionals are there 24/7/365 for you, minimizing any chances of inconveniences during both the peak and off-beat hours.

Get Online & Phone support at any time.
At RAD365, our teleradiology support solutions include superior connectivity for seamless communication. In case you want to make changes to your workflow, we will set up the necessary technical infrastructure and will arrange the knowledge transfer sessions to make everything successful.

Our 24/7 on-site security and power back up strengthens our support services and lets us provide the ultimate satisfaction to our clients. Our IT support professionals are well trained to input and connect the relevant patient data with that of the medical record systems or the clinical information systems of your facility.
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